Glitter, Glamour, Gold


Möglichst dick auftragen in den Moves, den Texten und natürlich in der Optik. Ob fette Rolex am Arm, überdimensionierte Doppelringe an den Fingern oder diamantbesetzte Statement-Ketten am Hals: Der Hip-Hop-Stil in Reinkultur ist gern glitzernd-protzig.

Was mit Run-DMCs goldenen adidas-Anhängern angefangen hat, ist mittlerweile durch Jay-Z & Co. zum Bling-Bling-Battle kultiviert worden.

Da wir Normalos hier nicht mithalten können, lässt uns der Taschen Verlag mit „Ice Cold. A Hip-Hop Jewelry History“ zumindest einen Blick in die Auslagen der Gold-Musiker werfen. Über Geschmack lässt sich nicht streiten, sondern nur staunen!

"Rapper tragen Diamanten, um mangelnden Sinn für Mode auszugleichen."

Virgil Abloh
Kenneth Cappello, Chicago, 2021

A$AP Ferg
The Harlem-born artist and businessman
wearing Ben Baller/IF & Co. (Yamborghini
chain, created 2017), Jacob & Co. (watch,
created 2013), and grills that spell out “Hood
Pope” by Will Selby of WS Jewelry. Created in
commemoration of the second annual Yams
Day, the Ben Baller–designed Yamborghini
chain was inspired by the Lamborghini logo
and contains 65-carat white VVS diamonds on
a 14-karat white gold medallion. Yams Day is a
celebration of the life of A$AP Mob founding
member A$AP Yams.
“Ferg is the name / Ben Baller did the chain /
Tourneau for the watch / Presi plain Jane /
Yamborghini chain, rest in peace to my
superior / Hermès link could feed a village in
—A$AP Ferg, “Plain Jane”
C.T. Robert, New York, 2017

Avianne & Co. Jewelers designed the “Harlem
World” piece complete with motor-operated
spinning globe pendant, and battery-operated
stop light. Inspired by Brian De Palma’s cult
classic 1983 film, Scarface, where a “The
World Is Yours’’ sculpture sat in Tony
Montana’s Miami mansion. Cam’s 100-carat
diamond and 300-gram gold version reads
“Killa Cam Harlem World” across the banner,
placed between a set of hands. It made its way
years later to Gabriel Jacobs at Rafaello & Co.,
who sold the piece to Lil Yachty, swapping out
the words “Killa Cam Harlem World” and
replacing them with “Yachty’s World.”
Phil Knott, New York, 2006

Nicki Minaj
Custom diamond Barbie pendant by Avianne &
Co. Jewelers on diamond tennis chain.
Angela Boatwright, New York, 2009

Eric B and Rakim
Rakim wears a Mary pendant on layered gold
rope chains, while Eric B. wears an anchor
pendant and eagle motif pendant on gold rope
chain, gold nugget watch, and multiple gold
nugget rings, including pinky ring with a
Mercedes-Benz motif and a four-finger
nameplate ring spelling out his full name—
Louis Eric Barrier— in classic script.
David Corio, 1987

Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls
Created by Tito Caicedo of Manny’s New
York, Biggie’s Jesus piece set off a trend in
hip-hop that is now a staple look for artists. In
Jay-Z’s book Decoded, he explained how
Biggie’s pendant became iconic in hip-hop and
a good luck symbol for him (Jay-Z): “The chain
was a Jesus piece—the Jesus piece that Biggie
used to wear, in fact. It’s part of my ritual when
I record an album: I wear the Jesus piece and let
my hair grow till I’m done.”
“So I just speak my piece, keep my peace /
Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps…”
—The Notorious B.I.G., “Hypnotize”
Michael Lavine, Queens, New York, 1997

LL COOL J is one of the most influential
rappers when it comes to hip-hop jewelry,
wearing four-finger rings and dookie chains
alongside some of the most iconic stylings in
hip-hop history. Nameplate ring spelling
“James,” his first name, double-layered gold
rope chains, and Gruen gold nugget watch.
Janette Beckman, New York, 1988

Megan Thee Stallion
“Hot Girl” moniker pendant and baguette
diamonds on a custom diamond-encrusted
flames link made with 155 carats,
approximately one kilo of 14-karat gold, and
VS diamonds by Eliantte & Co.
Marcelo Cantu, Los Angeles, 2020

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